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Study Areas: SE30-SE40, Seville



The construction of the future SE-40 ring road will serve to delimit geographically a polycentral entity that is involved in a clear process of radial metastasis. Towards the south and east, supported by the A-4 between Dos Hermanas and Carmona, a linear city is being consolidated that mixes cement industries with semi-detached houses in a way similar to that in which Seville has been joined to Alcalá de Guadaira along the A-92.

The widening of the A-49 on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition showed clearly the potential of joining forces with Huelva; similarly the very recent A-66 joins the Sierra to the metropolitan valley. These are territorial vectors that generate new infrastructure nodes that are yet to be incorporated into the network; for years they have been subject to the projection of strategic opportunities, which will predictably be resolved by land speculation and the use of radically generic urban models.

Inside the ring the closed, Baroque, and distortedly thematized world of the historic center of Seville contrasts with the contemporary vitality of the urban nebula of the Aljarafe. These territories are crossed by ever more numerous citizen networks that advance towards new mechanisms of cohesion and articulation.

Other Study Areas

  • Campo de Dalias-Campos de Nijar The southern part of the province of Almeria has been transformed by the intensive agricultural exploitation of the desert, the support of migratory flows that take shape among greenhouses, the massive urbanization, and the tourist occupation of the coast.
  • Costa del Sol The metropolitan region of the Costa del Sol, where tourism has constructed a radically contemporary urban territory, shaped by infrastructures that support an overdeveloped space in which the population seeks ways to establish itself in what is glocal.
  • The Straits of Gibraltar This is an intercontinental region where the contradictory conditions of nexus and frontier converge, a space of transit with a subverted fluidity which makes it a space for traffic, people, goods, and communication.
  • Bay of Cadiz This geographical region extends from the Jerez countryside to the coast of Cadiz, where towns of considerable tradition are located, on which is superimposed the complexity of new urban settlements with a tendency towards growing specialization.

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