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Campo de Dalias-Campos de Níjar | Almeria

Campo de Dalia-Campos de Nijar

Agrocity: The agricultural structure that extends all along the A-7 from Adra to Níjar can be distinguished from space. One of the most exuberant and spectacular forms of city development has sprung up in recent decades, associated with the rise of a landscape historically at odds with development. Next to the shanty towns that house the cheap agricultural labor force, a mantle of housing estates and golf courses begins to spread in an ever more stormy coexistence with natural parks and nature reserves. This is a coastline that has been progressively strained by mass tourism, the plastic horizon of which breaks on the El Ejido construction plans for the highest skyscraper in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

The effort of diverse groups of citizens to reconstruct urban and natural environments is an indication of the growing resistance to the setting up of a predictably schizophrenic future scenario. In it the conflictive alienation of immigrants in an updated version of Campos de Nijar superimposes the hyper-real segregation of tourists in Roquetas de Mar, a firm candidate to replace the Mini Hollywood of Tabernas in an incipient Andalusia repertoire of fictional cities.

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