Since 2006 the Andalusia Center of Contemporary Art has been developing the Urban Attributes program, with which it proposes to generate a framework for reflection and debate on contemporary cities.

Urban Attributes undertakes a synchronic study of urban areas within Andalusia, and also of local and globally relevant phenomena which during recent decades have determined and defined ways of generating a city.

Two complementary work areas have been created together with a program of parallel activities launched in autumn 2006. With these we propose to generate circumstances, meetings, and encounters with agents that bring their knowledge and reflections to the debate.

The first of these work areas includes the study of adjectives and nouns assigned to the contemporary city by various authors. A glossary of attributes has been drawn up with the aid of academic and relational research; these have served to describe urban phenomena from our recent history. This glossary generates a number of references to discuss and/or question during the course of the program.

To complement this we propose the analysis of five urban areas affected by intense socioeconomic, infrastructural, and cultural transformations, i.e.: the Campo de Dalias-Campo de Ní­jar, the Costa del Sol, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Bay of Cadiz, and the SE30-SE40 district within the metropolitan area of Seville.

To do so, work groups were created to identify and analyze aspects currently relevant to the configuration of new urban dynamics.

Urban Attributes

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