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Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher initially associated with structuralism and subsequently redefined as one of the main thinkers of postmodernism. Committed to Maoist thinking, he was one of the great ideologists of the students' disturbances in May 1968 in Paris, after which he was appointed director of the Department of Philosophy of the experimental University of Vincennes. In 1970 he went on to teach History of the Thinking Systems at the Collège de France.

His studies have focused on social institutions, especially psychiatric and medical institutions and prisons. Another of his study areas, which he left unfinished, was the history of sexuality. His thinking has influenced the most diverse fields of knowledge, from humanities to social sciences. Michel Foucault died in 1984.


  • FOUCAULT, Michael. Des espaces autres, 1967.


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